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The BBG released initial results from the 2013 OPM Employee Viewpoint Survey on Friday, November 11th. Participation was much higher than in previous years. Read more >>>

Since Fiscal Year 2008 the BBG has more than doubled the number of employees in General Counsel's Office. Read more >>>

It appears that both the Senate and the House will vote on a bill to open the Government sometime tonight. The bill will be voted on in the Senate first and the House may not deal with it until after midnight.

We have heard numerous complaints from Congressional staffers that BBG/IBB officials have used the Firewall (the protection embedded in the VOA Charter from political interference in the news product of the VOA) to ignore the will of the Congress and other entities. This selective use of the “firewall” has made some on Capitol Hill more willing to restructure the BBG. Read more >>>

Recently, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), an independent, nonpartisan Agency that works for Congress, issued a report in which they remind the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) that a number of language services seem to overlap and recommends further measures that might avoid duplication and waste. Read more >>>

We contiue our examination of the recent State Department's OIG's report on the Broadcasting Board of Governors Read more >>>

AFGE Local 1812, which represents some 900 employees at VOA in Washington, D.C. and New York City, the Greenville, N.C. relay station, and the Office of Cuba Broadcasting in Miami, needs your support. We need you to join in the never-ending fight against employee abuse. Read more >>>

The  Department of State OIG thinks the solution is to create a full-time CEO who would run the day-to-day operations of the dysfunctional BBG. AFGE Local 1812 thinks not! Read more >>>

The Office of Inspector General recently released results of an investigation into the Broadcasting Board of Governors (ISP-IB-13-07) that is obvious in its intent. Instead of being objective, it is primarily an assassination of the character of one Board member and one Board member alone - Victor Ashe. Read more >>>

 Voice of America radio technician Roy Benson has been waging a silent campaign of protest against IBB management officials and in support of his personal human rights.



Read more >>>

The BBG has refused to abide by Arbitrator George E. Marshall, Jr.'s final and binding arbitration decision and award in which it was determined that the Agency was illegally hiring non-US citizens while qualified US citizens were available.


Read more >>>

Now that the holidays are over and the celebrating is done, the employees at the Voice of America are hunkered down awaiting the annual bloodletting proposals that the Agency’s upper management inflicts upon them. Read more >>>

We at AFGE Local 1812 second the call by The Federalist in favor of an external investigation of the fiasco at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, that has resulted in a catastrophic loss of audience in record time of its flagship Russian Service. We also encourage a thorough investigation into the fiasco at the Voice of America, that has reduced almost to the point of irrelevance its Russian Service, eviscerated the English language newsroom and reduced audiences by prioritizing fluffy stories in new media to the detriment of more serious stories aired using more reliable methods. Read more >>>

In his Open Letter to former to RFE/RL President and CEO Steven Korn , as posted on the web site BBG Watch, respected Russian journalist Andrei Babitsky makes comments that we at  AFGE Local 1812  thought were eerily similar to those our membership has made these past 10 years. Read more >>>

Agency management sent an email to all employees implying that they are interested in providing non-US citizen employees with rights that parallel those of US citizen employees.  AFGE Local 1812 sent a letter asking why the Agency's representatives involved in Contract negotiations with the Union were fighting against that. Read more >>>

In his comments on the resignation of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty president Steven Korn, as reported by the website BBG Watch, Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) member Ambassador Victor Ashe noted that Mr. Korn "was feared and disliked by most employees. His self-serving letter of resignation sets a new standard for arrogance and delusion. His hiring was a terrible mistake we will spend years recovering from.” Read more >>>

It is time for the members of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), several of whom also serve as members of the RFE/RL Board of Directors, to regain control of one of the most vital tools of U.S. public diplomacy: international broadcasting to Russia. Read more >>>

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