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Che' Elliott is one of the local VA talent to  be showcased on Deccember 18th.

"Last month (March 2015), some in Congress voted to cut your pay by 12%. That’s the equivalent of more than six weeks’ pay. Six weeks of money you could've used to buy groceries, or pay rent or utilities, or put away for retirement. " AFGE ACTION NEWS.  Sign up for text alerts NOW! Posted April 23, 2015.  Go to for additional information.

WHAT GOOD IS A UNION? CHECK OUT THE... Master Agreement between the Department of Veterans Affairs and the American Federation of Government Employees 2011, and YOU TELL US! Read more >>>

On December 9, 2009, President Barack Obama issued Executive Order 13522, Creating Labor-Management Forums to Improve Delivery of Government Services. Section 1 of Executive Order 13522 states that "...Management should discuss workplace challenges and problems with labor and endeavor to develop solutions jointly, rather than advise union representatives of predetermined solutions to problems and then engage in bargaining over the impact and implementation of the predetermined solutions..." Read more >>>

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