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Welcome to AFGE, Local 3911. Your support is greatly appreciated.

We are an organization dedicated to the representation of the employees of EPA, Region 2 and ensuring that they are treated fairly, equitably and with dignity in all aspects of their employment. By joining the Local, you show your fellow employees that you care for their well being as well as your own.



Please see the results of AFGE Local 3911's Nomination meeting held on Janauary 18, 2017.

At our February General Meeting, Thomas Leonard of Benefits Architects discussed supplemental insurance packages that are only available to AFGE members. The attached flyer explains in summary what those packages are.

Please read here soem important information from the Local on the recent OPM cyberbreach.

Please enter this to see a grievance that asks the question - who is right; a GS-13 policy expert or the supervisor?

Enhancing Workplace Flexibilities and Work-Life Program Read more >>>

On January 6, 2015 EPA Region 2 announced a new electronic process to track use of Agency policy. The attached MOU signed with AFGE Local 3911 was reached in order to protect your interests. Read more >>>

The attached are some details regarding the Healthplex Dental Plan - one of the most comprehensive dental plans offered Federal employees. Read more >>>

AFGE Local 3911 and EPA, Region 2 have reached a historic MOU regarding clerical staff.


The attached article from Greenwire includes interviews with Local President Sacker and other EPA labor leaders from across the country. It is regarding the current perceived sudden crack down on EPA staff employees on time and attendance issues in the wake of the John Beale case and the apparent unfair approaches taken between problem managers and employees.

Local 3911 supports any effort to weed out corrupt and illegal time keeping practices, but also demands such actions be done fairly and consistently across the board. If you believe you have recently been unfairly singled out, please contact us at

After the February 2014 Legislative and Grassroots Conference, our legislative action committee was inspired to develop this communication guide.

As the attached GovExec article shows, the war against our pensions is starting to heat up. 

Are you going to sit back and be silent or take action?

Read the article- and do not forget to sign this peition created to President Obama created by Local 3911 members  to take the first step to protect your pension.

Members and Friends of Local 3911,

We need your help to sign another petition to the White House

See recent AFGE Press Release on New Bill Re 3.3 Pay Raise For Us in 2015.


Sign this peition to tell Presdient Obama to give federal civilians a 5 percent pay increase for 2015 and increases to follow inflation every year after.

Second Greenwire Article on VERA/VSIP - inlcudes statements from Karen Kellen of AFGE Council 238 and more soundbytes from Local 704 in Chicago.

This Greenwire article below includes a second interview with Local President Sacker as well as statements from Region 2 staff and our sister Local 704 in Chicago.

This historic settlement was reached with EPA.  Some Region 2 employees may eventually see some money reimbursed them.  Local 3911 encourages those with questions to contact President Kellen as described in the article.

Petition Against House Bill To Cut EPA 15%

At a time when the EPA's workforce is already at a 20-year low, Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-WV) has introduced H.R. 3641, a bill that would slash EPA's staff by an additional 15%.

Griffith is attempting to frame this assault as some sort of compromise, claiming it's "a more balanced approach" than shutting down the EPA altogether. Stand strong against this nonsensical extremism.

Sign the peition - here!


This inside EPA artilce addresses the sentiments and frustrations of the Local and members of the administrative staff on the Region's handling of the buyout plan thus far.

The following settlement is a historic document. Please open the document link below to see it. Read more >>>

In an April 3, 2013 GovExec story entitled: Survey: Feds Lose Faith in Leaders, it was discussed how recent surveys of federal employees found morale dropping in many agencies. However, as interesting as this article is to read again,, what is more telling is a statement made by a retired federal manager in the comment section. Read what this person had to say and wonder how many people in our organization can actually relate to this. Can you? Read more >>>

From Greenwire: Worker Morale Continues Free Fall - Especially At EPA

As posted in Greenwire: 

Worker satisfaction at environmental and energy agencies took a nose dive last year.

Morale has been slipping at agencies across the government amid budget cuts, pay freezes and forced furloughs. Energy and environmental agencies are no exception, according to the Partnership for Public Service's annual "Best Places to Work" rankings released today.

Read more  HERE

GovExec Reports - "Will Feds Be Asked to Sacrifice More in 2014?"

By most accounts, 2013 was not a good year to be a federal employee.

Feds were hampered by a third consecutive year of frozen pay, forced to absorb furloughs and slashed budgets from sequestration, sent home without pay or forced to work with only the promise of delayed paychecks during the government shutdown, encumbered with disparaging rhetoric after various scandals and threatened by a wide array of legislative proposals to cut various benefits.

For the federal workforce, however, 2013 has ended on a bit of positive news.

Read more HERE:

AFGE National President Cox reacts to current budget deal Read more >>>

Winter is Coming.  Union members already know what this means - do you?  If not, read on.

The following is a personal message from National AFGE President - J. David Cox Sr..:

You've been squeezed to the breaking point but "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH".

Call your lawmakers now at 1-888-775-3148. Don't let any lawmaker take another dime out of your paycheck.


The enclosed includes a letter from former President Edward Guster and Stephen Cipot to Representative McCarthy of NY regarding the impacts of sequestration and the need for EPA to have more budgetary flexibility.  Her response from October 11, 2013 is also included.


Read more >>>

Senate/House pass bill to reopen Gov and provide backpay

As of 10:15PM - Senate and House have passed bill to reopen the Government and provide us backpay (among other things). President should sign within the hour.

EPA to reopen tomorrow - Judith wil be updating phone message shortly with instructions: 212 637 3636. 

Prepare to go to work like a normal day - AWL OK.  Although we should be on an 8-hour schedule through end of the week (not confirmed - check with supervisor tomorrow). 

All Hand's Meeting will be at 2PM

Office Reopening Seems Likely -


Judith Enck just called to say that considering the good news coming from the Hill, in all likelihood we will reopen tomorrow and preparations are being made to do so. This all depends on the Senate, House and President rushing through the CR bill being finalized now. EPA will post a new message on 212-637-3636 as news develop - so check in before you go to bed and when you wake up. You may also get contacted via the "Emergency Hotline" depending how you signed up. Plan to get up for when you would go to work tomorrow and check in to see if you are back to work.

If we are back to work - AWL will not be suspended, so if it's your normal AWL day - check in with your supervisor as soon as your work day starts to discuss what needs to be be done to start up. An All Hands Meeting will be planned for the PM.
Here's hoping for the best!

Paul Sacker

196 down, 22 to go. Is your House lawmaker on this list? Read more >>>

Please read on for an important employee update including reminders of events taking place that you are encouraged to attend.  Also information on a new AFGE National Telecomm Conference Call. Read more >>>

Read an important employee update as of 10-12-2013.  Please see activities being planned throughout the area by fellow EPA employees and let us know if you want to participate!  We need as many people as possible to the events listed. Read more >>>

Updated Info on Discharge Petition which of course comes out a minute after our post of our update... Read more >>>

Employee Update For 10-10-2013 can be read here.  There is important action you can take to bring an end to the shutdown and get us back to work - read on. Read more >>>

A Discharge Petition will force the House to vote to reopen the government.

We only have four days to do this.

Call your Representative and pressure them to sign the Discharge Petition at 1-888-775-3148.

Urgent Employee Update posted here - includes information on Foley Square Rally tomorrow!  We urge all NY and NJ members to attend! 

Also - status of backpay bill in Senate held up, more unemployment insights.

Read more >>>

Read about important information regarding townhall teleconference tonight, possible rally at 26 Federal Plaza with Rev. Jesse Jackson, and unemployment insights from a member in CEPD.  Read more >>>

Breaking News - House Passes Unamimously To Provide Back Pay to Furloughed Workers

It's official - House passes 407-0 to provide back pay to furloughed federal employees. Now Senate and President must sign and all indications are that they will. Congratulations to all members who called their representatives.

Now, call them again to thank them but let them also know we Federal workers don't just want a free vacation. Tell them "We Want To Get Back To Work! - Stop the Shutdown."

Here is the employee Update for 10-04-2013 Read more >>>

Article on NY Public Radio and interview with President Sacker. Read more >>>

The following is our contact info. Read more >>>

El Nuevo Dia Article and Interviews on Shutdown With our People

elnuevodia video with Jaime Geliga, Lourdes Rodriguez and Jose Font

Article and interview from El Nuevo Dia with CEPD staff Jaime Geliga, Lourdes Rodriguez, and Jose Font

You should join us on our teletown hall on Monday night for the latest information on the threatened Government Lockout.

The Teletown Hall info is below:
Date: Monday, September 30, 2013
Teletown Hall Call-In Number: 877-229-8493
Pin # to Join the Call: 110858
Call # 1: 7:00PM for East Coast
Call # 2: 7:30PM Central, 6:30PM Mountain, 5:30PM Pacific


Read more >>>

Interesting 2-part article regarding the dilemma Federal employees face when exposed to corruption and inefficient practices in the workplace.  Read more >>>

Republican members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee called on Committee Chairman Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) to schedule a hearing on the fiscal year 2014 budget request for the Environmental Protection Agency. Read more >>>

Complete this quick survey for trhe Washington Post and provide your comments on a potential shutdown. Read more >>>

This is the decision on our grievance against the Agency resulting when the RA canceled AWL for people on November, 2012.

Three interesting articles on impacts of furloughs/sequestration. Read more >>>

Interesting article from on impacts to Federal employees of pay freezes, sequestration and furloughs. Read more >>>

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