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Local 2349 Elections 12/17/2014 Read more >>>

Reassignment Opportunity Bulletin posted on www.usajobs.gov Read more >>>

Announcements within the next month. Read more >>>

Council statement on status of Pay Reform. Read more >>>

June 9, 2014 Pay Reform Testimony Read more >>>

DHS Breaks Hiring Rules Read more >>>

Local 2349 is still working to improve bill. Read more >>>

Vote to send a local 2349 representative to the caucus in New Jersey. Read more >>>

Years of pay cuts and violations of our bargaining rights Read more >>>

AFGE District 2 Caucus Vote Read more >>>

Information sent out for NBPC lawsuit update. Read more >>>

NBPC 2014 Business Meeting Read more >>>

Council (NBPC) open to Pay Reform suggestions Read more >>>

Discussion about Pay Reform, AUO, and the continuous attack on Border Patrol agents. Read more >>>

The sessions have been postponed until further notice. Read more >>>

Update on grievances filed within Sector as of February, 2014 Read more >>>

AUO and where do we go from here? Read more >>>

Progress beginning to be made on the Guaranteed Homesale Program Settlement. Read more >>>

Will Council fight to get back to 25% AUO? Read more >>>

Local is confident situation should improve for our LECAs Read more >>>

Border Patrol agent shoots and kills illegal immigrant. Read more >>>

The Matuz family. Read more >>>

AFGE Rejects Congress And Their Bid To Change Federal Pension Plans-UPDATE. Read more >>>

Council Presentations for Pay Reform Read more >>>

The AFGE or the American Federation of Government Employees endorses the BPAPRA. Read more >>>

In an effort to keep the members updated as to Union activities when dealing with management sector wide. Read more >>>

Links for McCain and Tester presenting pay reform to Congress. Read more >>>

The National Border Patrol Council is still in negotiation for pay reform. Read more >>>

The Local has become aware that federally funded other agency operations continue within the Houlton Sector. Read more >>>

Shift bidding as of October 25, 2013. Read more >>>

New information on Border Patrol Pay Reform Read more >>>

Local 2349 has been invited to the AFL-CIO Convention 2013. Read more >>>

LECAs in Houlton Sector working one per shift. Read more >>>

The local has spoken with sector management in reference to shift bidding and when it will begin. As of October 15, 2013, the union clarified some information that was being passed around sector. Read more >>>

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