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Important:  September General Membership Meeting

 The August 2017 General Membership Meeting was posponed to August 20th 2017

 Only dues paying members may attend this meeting.

The meeting will occur at 1900 hours Eastern on August 20th 

For call in (phone number and password)  information please contact your Regional Vice

President (VP) or componant VP.

If you are unable to contact them for information please contact John Nauman

 Click under "Read more" for full list of E-board Members and Iterim Contact info as of 8/16/2017 Read more >>>

 The following 2017 AFGE Local 918 Election Report was created and certified by the Election Comittee and Chairman Greenhill. Read more >>>

 The August General Membership Meeting (Teleconferance) will occur on August 9th 2017 @ 1915 Eastern.

General Membership meetings are open to dues paying members only. 

Contact Secretary Murphy with any questions:

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 August 8th 2017 E-board Meeting Teleconferance 7:15PM Eastern (EDT) Read more >>>

See nominations below from July 22nd 2017.


Read more >>>

 There were errors identified in the mail out nomination form sent to the general Membership. Please read below. Read more >>>


If you wish to be notified of the Agenda to upcoming meetings, 

Please contact your Regional or Componant Vice President.

You may also contact Secretary Joe Murphy ( with Agenda Requests or to get the call in number and codes for General Membership Meetings.

Why Join?... Did you Know we now have GC for dues paying members?

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The July 11th 2017 regular executive board member meeting will occur at 1915 EDT. Read more >>>

General Membership Meetings are open to dues paying members only. Click the link below for more information.

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Notification of  the 2017 AFGE Local 918 elections and absentee nominations. Click the Read more link for full posting.



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 President David Wright resigning after serving as President since 2006. Read more >>>

 Agenda Call deadline has concluded. This is the Call to Meeting. Read more >>>

This is the Agenda Call for the Regular Meeting of the General Membership scheduled for June 14, 2017. Important issues to be addressed. Read more >>>

 Call to Meeting of the General Membership

Call for Agenda Items for May 24, 2017 Regular Meeting of the General Membership 

Meeting postponed due to unavailability of President Wright.

Agenda Call and Teleconference Times

The April 12, 2017 Teleconference Regular Meeting of the AFGE Local 918 General Membership has been postponed to April 19, 2017 due to unavailability of President David Wright.

 Regular Meeting of General Membership Moved to March 15, 2017 to Coincide with Day after Regular Exec Board Meeting.

AFGE Local 918 February 2017 Regular Meeting of the General Membership is set for February 15, 2016 at 6pm, Eastern Time.

AFGE Local 918 Regular Meeting of the General Membership to be held on third Wednesday of February 2017. 

Phone Number for Special Meeting of the AFGE Local 918 General Membership for Purpose of Approving 2017 Annual Budget Read more >>>

AFGE Local 918 General Membership Special Meeting called for by President David Wright for purpose of general membership ratification of the 2017 Local Annual Operating Budget.

 Agreement 2011 was signed on July 20, 2011 and may be due for renegotiation.

The Home to Work program within the FPS continues leave the operators of its vehicles with many unanawered questions.  

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